CDC Premium Mondoni Palm Oil

CDC Premium Mondoni Palm Oil


Processed and Bottled in Cameroon.

Get a taste of the famous Palm Oil from the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) which is non-refined/bleached, natural, and free from GMO. It can be used to make Achu (Yellow Soup), Ndole, Eru, and more!

  • Care Instructions

    • Store at room temperature away from sunlight.
    • Close lid tightly after use
  • Contains

    • Vegetable Oil
    • Unsaturated fatty acids
    • Cholesterol free
  • Nutritional Facts

    • Proteins (0.05%)
    • Carbohydrates (0.77%)
    • Moisture (0.016%)
    • Fats (99.02%)
    • Energy (819.18k cal. Approx.)
    • Vitamin E (1227.43 mg)
    • Pro-Vitamin A (952.42 mg)