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Cameroonian Eru (Ukazi) RECIPE

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Ingredient :

Sliced Eru/Ukazi vegetable (2500g)

Palm oil (1 Liter)Waterleaf or spinach (2500g)

Ground Crayfish (100g) – optional

Smoked fish or stock fish (optional)

Pepper (ground or 3 hot peppers)





cow skin (kpomo)

Cassava flour


Wash the eru, leave it in the water to soften

Cook the cow skin with a bit of salt, maggi and pepper

Cook the stockfish in a separate pot.

When ready add it to the meat

In a separate pot, cook the spinach with little to no water

Place eru in a colander to drain the wash

When the spinach is ready, add eru, stir well

Add water (from meat), let cook Make sure there is little to none water left when it's fully cooked

Add the meat and stock fish, stir

Pour your palm oil, stir

Finally add the crayfish. In a few minutes your eru is ready.


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